Languages for work

Advance recommends this course for employees working in the same company who need a second or third language for their working environment. The students on these courses learn not only a language for the workplace, but also new commercial techniques and ideas about the world of business.

The aim of the course is to help equip professionals with the necessary language skills to succeed at work. The “Language for Work” courses are hands-on and are conceived to help students use another language with greater confidence and accuracy at work.

For example:

  • Speaking confidently by phone
  • Writing e-mails, faxes and reports
  • Presenting and speaking about products
  • Taking part in business discussions
  • Giving presentations and leading  meetings
  • Broadening your business-related vocabulary

We also provide preparation for the new BUSINESS ENGLISH EXAMS  offered by the UNIVERSITY  OF CAMBRIGDE.

22 abril, 2015
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