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After more than 25 years working in language teaching our goal at ADVANCE is to offer high quality education and develop the student´s language, cultural and intellectual abilities in a positive and happy academic environment. ADVANCE assures constant innovation, the latest technology in education and adapts trusted teaching methods to create dynamic and enjoyable classes. ADVANCE helps students by supporting and guiding them towards their individual aims to achieve success.

The ADVANCE Method

Our method is based on practical communication, to help students actively express themselves in another language. The students easy assimilate new structures and vocabulary, learning to communicate in a natural way.


General courses

· English · French · German · Russian ·

· Spanish · Chinese · Arabic ·

General Courses

General courses [ 2.5 /week ]

    ["The GENERAL LANGUAGE COURSES are aimed at improving spoken language skills, listening and comprehension. The activities carried out in class are strictly communication exercises and you will be able to apply what you learn to everyday or work situations."

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Exam courses

· Cambridge · Goethe ·


Exams courses

Exam courses [ A1 · A2 · B1 · B2 · C1 · C2 ]

    ["Advance advises students to take official exams, as we think that when you have clear aims and specific targets you make a greater effort. Students that study for an official exams improve each of the four skills – writing, reading, oral expression and listening – in a balanced and efficient way."

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Intensive courses

· English · French · German ·

· Russian · Spanish ·

Intensives courses

Intensive Courses [ 20/40/80/100 Hour/Month ]

    ["The aim of the intensive courses is for the students to get quick results. They are ideal courses for people who want to make the best use of their time, squeezing the maximum hours into a short period and advancing the equivalent of a whole level, normally spread over a full school year."

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one2one Classes

· English · French · German · Russian ·

· Spanish · Chinese · Arabic ·

One2one classes

one2one Classes [ maximum progress ]

    ["The one2one training programme is based completely on personal individual classes. After an interview the teacher analyses the aims to be achieved and the course is designed according to the student´s needs."

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Languages for work

· English · French · German · Russian ·

· Spanish · Chinese · Arabic ·

Languages work

Languages for work [ Profesional ]

    ["Advance recommends this course for employees working in the same company who need a second or third language for their working environment. The students on these courses learn not only a language for the workplace, but also new commercial techniques and ideas about the world of business."

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Overseas courses

· England · USA · France · Germany ·

Overseas courses

Overseas courses [ For all people ]

    ["Advance offers a wide variety of courses in several countries for children, young people and adults. We believe that language immersion is the quickest way to learn or improve another language."

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