Bearing in mind that the aim for most professionals is to be able to put their newly acquired skills into practice immediately, ADVANCE designs the course around the needs of each individual learner or group of learners.

After doing a “Needs Analysis” we use a system that demands that students actively participate through learning language structures which are presented in real situations using authentic materials.


Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Energy and Shipping Companies

Law firms

Sport Institutions

Pharmaceutical Industry

Banking and Finance

Real Estate

Agency Building and Construction

Accounting and Consulting firms

Educational Institutions

Medicine and Health Care

Automobile industry.

Tailor-made course for companies

Our language consultancy can offer you personalized advice in order to plan, run and monitor your special projects for your company. ADVANCE calls this service ”SPECIAL PROJECTS” since all projects delivered are unique as they are designed and prepared individually to meet specific company needs.

Example: We have chosen a project as an example;


Curso: ESP(English for specific purposes) +  Business English Training

Duracion: 300 hours This projects demonstrates our ability to offer bespoke language courses  to professionals who deal with a customer base that is 70% foreigners.

INTRODUCTION: General Optica, founded in 1955, is the leading chain of opticians in Spain, and boasts a team of 1,600 professionals.

NEEDS: The course focused on some of the following areas: Improving oral fluency, comprehension and listening, specifically for situations related to the work - for example : presenting products, sight testing , phone conversations, etc… Increasing vocabulary specific to an optician´s shop. Sales strategies in English. Developing written expressions for writing e-mails and faxes. Learn different cultural attitudes and ways of thinking in business. Increase self-confidence holding face-to-face conversations with results..


Classes in your workplace.

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